5 Places to Eat in Grand Rapids Michigan

5 Great Places to Eat in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

1.  Butcher's Union
Butcher's Union is a West side restaurant that specializes in meat and whiskey, near John Ball Zoo. The dinner menu features Stroganoff or Livermush packed with scallops; well-done steaks from Michigan farms served alongside locally grown vegetables for Pairing it up perfectly! You'll find over 100 whiskeys including U.S., Canadian , Scottish Irish Japanese hybrids on offer here too so come by today if you're looking to belt out some tunes while sipping your favorite cocktail--or three

2. Hancock 
Hot, spicy and juicy: the best way to eat chicken. Nashville hot fried poultry comes from scratch at Hancock in Grand Rapids’ Uptown neighborhood where you can also find lots of sides that are just as good if not better than your meal (or maybe it's because they're so spice-forward). You'll be surprised by how much flavor there is inside these little birds despite their small size; take some home with yer pal after grabbing one last cup before heading off into whatever adventures await outside this world!

3.  Founders Brewing Co. 
Grand Rapids’ best-known craft brewery has a downtown pub where you can enjoy some ice cold beer and delicious sandwiches. You'll want to try their crisp Blushing Monk salad topped with Rubaeus Raspberry Ale vinaigrette, or one of the other vegetarian options that are available at this family friendly restaurant such as Reubens filled with dirty bastard Scotch ale sauerkraut! These guys host live music performances every so often too – perfect if your prefer listening while eating versus talking (or singing!).

4.  Roses on Reeds Lake 

Rose’s Restaurant is a bustling spot in the summer, where people can cool off and enjoy views of Reeds Lake. In fall or winter months though you're invited inside to eat delicious food such as locally grown produce alongside fresh beef & fish served by experienced chefs who know how make each dish shine through with passion!  Rose's offer three menus: dinner featuring regionally sourced ingredients; breakfast (think waffles) if it gets too hot outside for anything more than just sitting at one table); groceries including pizza made from scratch using only quality ingredients – no delivery necessary here because this place has indoor seating so everyone will left satisfied whether come hungry.

5. Downtown Market 
Food lovers enjoy aplenty at the Downtown Market. More than 20 vendors fill this market hall, offering fresh produce and locally sourced meats & fish plus an array of oils vinegar seasonings wine or other beverages to take out while you eat your picnic lunch on one its many open tables scattered throughout! There are also places like Tacos El Cuñado Sushi Market Fish Lads who provide prepared food options so that if nothing else suits what's in store just stop by here before continuing onto another destination - whether it be elsewhere downtown GRAND RAPIDS Michigan find some more shopping fun.


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